(AUG. 2019 - MAY. 2022) THPT QUANG XUONG I

General Education


Vega Corporation

March. 2020 - Current

I started working here in the early months of 2020. My daily work is mainly to maintain and improve the interface on the website / application, web interface design / user-friendly application based on many different programming languages, optimizing the interface of applications / websites to get maximum speed and performance, ... There are many more.

Aug. 2019 - Current is a website that provides tips on Facebook, Blogspot and computer knowledge: security, hacking, ... Especially sharing personal identity psd files for Facebook unlock.

Wize Solutions

Jan. 2018 - Current

I started my first job here as a network engineer, I installed all the new hardware, systems, and software for networks, installed, configured, maintained the service network, devices and devices, monitor software and network security, manage user accounts, permissions, email, anti-virus, anti-spam ...



Sep. 2018


  • Created procedures for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for critical business applications that resulted in consistent system reliability during unplanned downtime.
  • Executed SubLAN Subsystem test events to verify system integrity in response to engineering changes and new/updated hardware and software integration.
  • Resolved LAN-related problems, managed configuration, and provided assistance and advice on software and hardware compatibility issues.
  • Provided expert oversight to LAN performance and maintained LAN security ensure network availability to all system user.
  • ...


  • Configured routers and modems, troubleshot issues related to broadband technologies for Residential and Business Customers.
  • Defined and installed enhanced network hardware interfaces on switched and routers to provide required performance.
  • Provided routing support including configuration and troubleshooting of various routers.
  • Configured Cisco Switches Routers, Firewall and monitored network performance.
  • ...


  • Blueprinted a Network Security to include the Implementation, Monitoring and Management of Multiple Checkpoint Firewall with High availability for Corporate.
  • Managed multiple Implementation of Security and Vulnerability Assessments Managed the Installation of Multiple Customers ANX Firewall Installation and Testing.
  • Performed or supervised all changes to firewall rules and performed periodic reviews of firewall configuration.
  • Analyzed and installed Apache-SSL to ensure security of internal communications, while supporting Firewall environment.
  • ...


  • Recommended and implemented improved documentation including troubleshooting checklists, escalation guidelines, phone numbers and status report / emailing protocols.
  • Planned and implemented necessary network security protocols in keeping with Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) best practices.
  • Experienced in exercising network security requirements, establishing security protocols and procedures, and maintaining network security equipment.
  • Designed and implemented security protocols to protect the integrity of the information system structure.
  • ...


  • Traveled to logistics and manufacturing sites in North America, upgrading network infrastructure including cabling, power and associated hardware.
  • Redesigned Video Network Infrastructure for analog, digital, broadcast, switched digital video and video-on-demand for easy troubleshooting.
  • Analyzed network infrastructure data, identified inefficiencies, presented analyses, and recommended change initiatives to top management.
  • Demonstrated advanced knowledge of architectural design, installation, maintenance of enterprise communications network infrastructure of entire organization.
  • ...


June. 2016

Web Platform

  • Developing Responsive Websites using CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.
  • Developing Web-based & Cross-platform Applications.
  • Developing Google Chrome Extensions for a lot of purposes.
  • Developing Websites with NodeJs, PHP or any languages support TCP/UDP.
  • Server build, setup, deploy, managing and maintaining.
  • Proficient in using .NET dependencies and building them



  • Customer Relations.
  • Analytics and Troubleshooting.
  • Firewalls and Security.
  • Networking.
  • Programming Languages.
  • Hardware and Infrastructur.
  • DNS.
  • IoT.
  • Virtualization and Automation.
  • MPLS.


  • C++, C#, Python, Javascript, PHP.


  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (ES5 & ES6).


  • MySQL, Google Firebase, MongoDB. (SQL & NoSQL).


  • Tools: Git, Visual Studio, Visual Code, npm, Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Express.
  • Frameworks: Framework7, ASP.NET, Wordpress, VueJs, ReactJs, Laravel, Angular, Django.


  • Self learning.
  • Have huge knowledge about life & outside world.
  • Funny person.
  • Being helpful to others.